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Mini Island Idea for Small Urban Kitchens by La Cornue

This mini-island idea for small urban kitchens is brought to you by La Cornue. La Cornue, of course, being the king of kitchen design – and we’ve written about their insanely incredible products before, like the range and fan in this beautiful Edwardian-style kitchen. They are now offering a mini-island that will allow you to simply slide some of their ranges in place. No custom job required! Culinary architecture, they call it. And we all know how valuable a central island is. Just because you’re in a compact living space, that doesn’t mean you need to give up that Chef’s kitchen. Au contraire. We’re just in love with this mini-island offering. And how about that yellow range? Isn’t it gorgeous? You do not have to give up design or functionality in a small space. La Cornue to the rescue!



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