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Metal Bathroom Sinks – new sink design Wave by Reginox

Typically an industrial-style substance, metal has been reborn as a luxury material with the new Wave sink design by Reginox. This cool metal bathroom sink is striking, featuring a simple rectangular shape which funnels down toward a flat rectangular drain. The gentle curve of the sink basin resembles a wide wave, for which it is named. Boasting a beautiful blend of form, fashion and function, the Wave metal bathroom sink is dripping with style. Add a trendy splash to your minimalist spa-inspired bathroom, or make a bold statement against a dramatic black backdrop. Or, surround this integrated undermount sink with a contemporary countertop or some sleek tiles, and let this modern design speak for itself. The soft brushed stainless steel finish is enhanced by an ultra-modern faucet that’s as playful as the sink it fills. To check out this modern metal sink, visit Reginox.


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