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Plasma TV Wall ElevenFive 08 – new by MDF Italia

[IMM Cologne 2008 Review]
Your plasma TV deserves a great home like the sensational ElevenFive 08 plasma TV wall system from MDF Italia. The Italian company believes that stripping furniture down to its bare elements makes it not only more linear, but better and stronger. The ElevenFive 08 system is no exception, its sparse form accented by its all-over Alpine white finish. Your plasma or LCD TV can be flush-mounted right into the TV panel or it can utilise the ingenious new extendable arm. Incorporate your favourite things into this convenient center of entertainment, storing and displaying items on the shelves and in cupboards. Pick the size right for your living environment – the ElevenFive 08 plasma TV wall from MDF Italia is ideal for your modern lifestyle.



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