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MDF Italia new LCD Plasma TV Panel

Transforming high performance technology into modern minimalist furnishings, the MDF Italia LCD Plasma TV Panel creates a distinctive feature for contemporary living rooms. Much like the fireplace was the focus in older homes, today it has been replaced by large flat screen televisions buzzing with vibrant color. Acting like a modern surround, the MDF Italia LCD Plasma TV Panel offers a flush mounting for both LCD and Plasma TVs. Designed by Bruno Fattorini, the monolithic TV panel is built-in into the wall to emphasise its presence. This also provides space for the recessed mounting without the need for costly wall interventions. With custom fittings, the MDF Italia LCD Plasma TV Panel can accommodate any size television from 37” up to 50” and over. With a selection of modular shelves, compartments and DVD racks, the TV Panel organises all your entertainment equipment while concealing the associated wires and cords. A beautifully simple unit that elegantly unites the many necessities of modern life, the LCD Plasma TV Panel is available in anodized aluminium, oak veneer, grey oak veneer, or white, anthracite grey or red lacquer. MDF Italia


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