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Plasma LCD TV Console Stand from Cattelan Italia – asymmetric Hollywood and Dolce Vita

Ideas so useful you’ll wonder how you lived without them – the Hollywood and Dolce Vita Plasma LCD TV Console Stands are from Cattelan Italia, and designed by Paolo Cattelan. These days, we have so many options when it comes to displaying TVs that are lighter and thinner than ever before. It makes sense to exploit their portability with the Dolce Vita and Hollywood Plasma TV Stands, structures made of stainless steel that offer adjustability in the height of the TV from 32H to 71H. You’ll avoid straining your neck, viewing the TV in comfort wherever you are sitting. Not only this, the stable TV stands have a strong visual presence, including a handy glass shelf under the TV to store other electronic products. The Dolce Vita stand can accommodate TVs up to 32” wide, whereas the Hollywood Plasma TV Stand is made for a bigger TV, accommodating up to a 42” wide Plasma TV. Buy the Dolce Vita for USD $1,468 or the Hollywood for USD $1,573 at Spacify.



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