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Contemporary Billiard Table from Mars Made – high-end billiards tables for discerning gamers…

Mars metal billiard table
Mars Made, a new Boston-based company, designs high-end contemporary billiard tables such as the striking Mars Metal and Mars Concrete pictured here. The larger-than-life billiard tables come in 8 and 9 foot regulation sizes for a professional feel that those who take the game seriously will relish. Mars Metal has precision-machined aluminium legs and a solid steel frame for a sense of sturdiness and a sleek futuristic look. The table top seems almost suspended in the air as the legs jut out underneath at an intriguing angle. Mars Concrete, on the other hand, sits atop four vertical concrete legs of formidable size and power! The polished concrete legs have a weightiness that contrasts with the slimline top. Both billiards tables are fully customizable, you can choose the color, finish and trim. Prices are for Mars Metal 9-foot $45,000, 8-foot $42,500; Mars Concrete 9-foot $37,500, 8-foot $35,000. Contact the all-American company Mars Made for a billiard table made to match the feel and decor of your own home.
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Mars concrete billiard table
Mars metal billiards table details

Mars concrete billiards table details


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