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Get2Gether Convertible Table from Fusion Tables – entertain and play games

Fusion Get2Gether convertible table
You can now have the games tables you long for right in your own living room: this convertible table from Fusion Tables makes the impossible possible! If you’ve been deterred from adding a table for your favourite games – such as billiards, roulette, and poker – to your home due to space considerations, you’ll be thrilled to find this multi-functional table. It combines your needs and desires for your home – the Get2Gether table sleek elegance is ideal for entertaining guests up to 10 around what seems to be simply a lovely, generous wooden table. Imagine their surprise after dinner when you push the chairs in, remove the top three sections and reveal the cues, Aramith balls, triangle and chalk ready for you to start a game straightaway. Bring out the after dinner drinks and let the game commence! If later you want to try another game, you simply flip the top and attach another games cloth. An exceedingly clever idea from Fusion Tables.
Fusion table - converts into billiard table

Fusion convertible table - ready to serve dinner


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