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Marquetry Inlaid Wood Veneer by Maya Romanoff

romanoff marquetry wood veneer Marquetry Inlaid Wood Veneer by Maya Romanoff
If you are looking for decadence and luxury, you need look no further. The Marquetry Inlaid Wood Veneer is opulent and entrancing…and not badly priced. Maya Romanoff has made a speciality of using unusual materials to make exotic wall coverings. The Marquetry Veneer uses micro-thin pieces of Pawlonia wood on a paper backing. The pattern is laser cut and then hand inlaid using traditional marquetry techniques. Available in 21-yard rolls, it is so flexible you can even wrap it around columns. In an age fond of minimalism, this is a joyous return to decorative styles. Maya Romanoff have created a veneer which adds class and glamour.



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