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House Decorated in Brick Veneer Inside and Out

Located in South Fremantle, Western Australia, Mewstone II by Swell Homes is a modern expression of texture and color. Not ones to be afraid of making a statement, Swell Home brought the look of traditional brickery and juxtaposed it against sleek and modern elements such as this bold orange glass backslash, polished concrete floor and stunning black and white animal hide rug. Each element is a strong statement on their own, but combined in one vignette they play off of each other to create a fun and dynamic interior.

Those same contrasting elements are front and center on the facade. Traditional brickery, a wide swath of orange integrated into the siding and a black and white detail created via the garage door. Both retro and modern, the facade expresses a graphic appeal that just makes you want to know what’s going on inside.
Upon entering the Mewstone II you arrive at the dining area which is positioned in front of what appears to be a window encased room but what is actually an indoor/outdoor room with its facade completely open to the backyard.
The indoor/outdoor room is a perfect place to enjoy a BBQ whether cooking or dining al fresco. Here, as with the rest of the home, the brick veneer is a major feature.
The main level of Mewstone II was built by Swell Homes to make the most use of the small footprint, leaving most of the square footage for living space and tucking the stairwell into a narrow space between the kitchen and the main entrance.
The stairwell may be narrow but it is as visually power packed as the rest of the home. All the angles and textures take on a fluid sculptural aesthetic far larger then the space it occupies.
There is also a space between the stairwell and the exterior wall that leads to the back of the home and as with the stairwell itself, this narrow hallway is a study of artistic creation well lit by the wall of windows next to it.
Upstairs a family room is the perfect place to work and play. We love the clever way the designers wrapped the stairwell window around the wall to create a small floor to ceiling window area and then repeated the shape horizontally on the clerestory window.
The upstairs bathroom keeps its connection to the outdoors via a small square window, located high enough to retain privacy for all who use it.
With such a small footprint to the house, the designers expanded the square footage by cantilevering the upper level out and over the entryway and then framed the bump out with a black surround.
Black, white, orange and brick – who other then Swell Homes would have thought it could look so good – or so fun?
Swell Homes


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