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Transforming Coffee Table – Easy liftable by a pump, by Compar

Is your home small and hard-to-furnish? The answer is “easy,” literally! The Easy transforming coffee table by Compar makes dressing your home a breeze. This ultra-modern, innovative coffee table design is ingeniously equipped with a pump that lifts it to suit your needs. For everyday use, a low and lean table will do just fine. But when company is coming, kick it up a notch – raise your table effortlessly using the pump, and add an expanding glass panel while you’re at it. Your simple coffee table can now accommodate more drinks, more food and more fun! It’s that easy! These transforming tables come with a white, gray or chrome painted frame and are topped by white/black, black/white or red/white safety glass, or optional lacquered wood. Check out this latest urban essential from Compar.



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