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Luxury Wall Coverings from Maya Romanoff – 3 new collections

Maya Romanoff luxury wall coverings - Mother of Pearl Chevron
Luxury wall coverings add a feeling of opulence and beauty to any room… and the three new collections from Maya Romanoff are examples of the wide varieties now available. The luxurious Mother of Pearl Chevron tiles feature hand inlaid shells to bring a wonderful depth to any wall. Natural Pearl and Golden Pearl tile strip coverings shimmer and shine with the radiance inherent in natural mother of pearl… custom colors are also available for orders over 40 pieces. They’re easy to install too – the tile edges follow the pattern of the chevron so they fit together perfectly! Stitched, wall coverings designed by David Rockwell, focuses firmly on the traditional art of paper-making for an entirely different look. The hand-crafted paper looks like fine lacquered leather and is stitched in puzzle, horizontal and vertical designs. Last of the three diverse new wall coverings is the Relief Circles which uses large and small beads on a gorgeous material backdrop to stunning effect. Circle Positive is large beads surrounded by small, and Circle Negative, the reverse. A combination of the two makes for a wall installation with dynamic effect. An American company, Maya Romanoff will make your walls look luxury.

Maya Romanoff wall coverings - Stitched Horizontal
Maya Romanoff - Stitched Puzzle
Maya Romanoff - Stitched Vertical
Maya Romanoff - Relief Circles
Maya Romanoff luxury wall coverings - Relief Circles beads detail


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