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Most Unusual Wall Coverings for Every Room in the House

Wall coverings have more functions than just looking pretty, but it is hard to ignore how far they’ve come in terms of appearance. Offered in a multitude of materials they end up looking immensely creative, fresh, and completely unexpected. See the depth of the pool when it comes to unusual wall coverings in our post. There’s no telling what kinds of ideas you might come up with.

Unique Wallpaper

Unique wallpaper designs are emerging on the market every day. They become more and more imaginative than same old repeating patterns. But one of the best things about wallpaper is that it’s relatively easy to install and you can definitely do it yourself.

FLUVIUS by MyCollection.it
3DOTS wallpaper by Lago
Bodywall wallpaper by Glamora
Balloon & Clouds G by MyCollection.it
Line wallpaper by Creativespace

Another great perk of wallpaper as a wall covering is that it often comes as a whole image. Wallpaper murals are much less expensive and effort-heavy than the real ones.

3D wallpaper designs may add a completely novel dimension to the interior as well, so don’t sleep on wallpaper when shopping for unusual wall coverings. You may get pleasantly surprised yet.

Wall Panels

Wall panels require professional installation but they offer an entirely different look to your room. Roche from Bacacier 3S looks nothing like your typical wall coverings. Its massive size and unusual design are what makes it so attractive and modern.

Roche by Bacacier 3S
Letwood wall panels by Fantoni
Acoustic Wood Wool Tiles by Baux
4Akustik by Fantoni
Dakar wall covering by Biopietra
Matrespan Color by Migliorino

Wall panels are not only convenient for soundproofing but are faster and easier to install than the more familiar tiles.

They often come in wood, felt, and ceramics, but you can easily find more affordable and simple materials, if necessary.

3D Surfaces

3D surfaces are popular as ever and never fail to attract attention. Use them in the office or home, bathroom or kitchen; they will bring a fresh touch to your interior. The designs are so diverse and intricate, you can really experiment with different shapes in different areas.

3D wall covering Treccia by 3D Surface
3D wall panels Magical 3 by Equipe Ceramicas
Emphasize wall covering from Harmony
Sone Art by Marazzi
3D Tiles Space Concept Hexagon by Etruria Design
RIV-C2 Rivestimento Cubo – A&B Character by Antica Edilizia

3D surfaces don’t have to be overly ornate to look intriguing. Here is a wooden wall covering that intermixes small squares that protrude from the wall surface with those that don’t and it looks just as designing.


Tiles can be among the most unusual wall coverings but they aren’t too widespread beyond bathroom and kitchen. Modern designs that can imitate anything from wood to textiles, however, must surely find a place in modern living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways.

Wood_Mood by Ceramica Fioranese
Moresco Mix Pack.3 by Danilo Ramazzotti Italian House Floor
Wall covering by Dialma Brown
Hypnotic Nero by Ceramiche Brennero
Baux Acoustic Tile Plank
Petra wall covering by Caroti

Ceramic aren’t the only tiles you can find on the market today. Most designs now come in porcelain and stone. Slate may not seem homely, but if you can appreciate the delightful heftiness of dark tones, it may be a good fit for your hallway, kitchen, or bath. If you are more adventurous, you could even create a feature slate wall in the living room or bedroom.

Wall Coverings of Unique Origins

Unusual wall coverings aren’t just about the pattern or color combination. The material they’re made of can bring so much in terms of aesthetics, texture, and finish. Here are some wall coverings that are made of unusual materials or made to look like they were made of something else.

Culte by Elitis
Madras Lino Mate’Lac wall covering by Vitrealspecchi
Cabugao wall covering by Élitis
Fusion Iris Naural by Inalco
Stone Plan Wall Grigio – Impronta Ceramiche by Italgraniti Group
Puzzled wall covering by Dialma Brown

Looking at Culte by Elitis, all we can see is patterned woven fabric that it was made to look like. Ultra modern and fun, it’s pleasant both to the eye and palm.

Italgraniti Group’s white paste tiles could fool anyone into thinking they were somehow made of real embroidered fabric. Such is the state of tile production these days.

Stone Wall

Regardless of what type of stone you prefer, it’s become quite easy to introduce it into the interior with modern wall coverings. From marble to onyx to old style masonry, any stone variety can amplify the design.

Nisa wall covering by A Cimenteira Do Louro
Icon SCuba by La Fabbrica
Trust by Atlas Concorde
Venus by A Cimenteira Do Louro
Purity of Marble by Ceramiche Supergres
Polar by Valmori Ceramica Design

There is something very noble about a stone. And the more realistic it looks, the more gravity that quality gets.

If you’re tired seeing the same old marble everywhere, though, Ceramiche Supergres offers an interesting take on the classic stone with their 3D tiles.

Unusual Wall Coverings

Wall coverings are more diverse and different still. Just look at the designs from Lea Ceramiche and Cotto D’Este! AMA Design offers a more romantic design that is still too unusual to ignore.

Simtech Streets in Shade by Lea Ceramiche
Wonderwall Color Ballet by Cotto D’Este
Wallcovering by AMA Design
Artwork by Ornamenta
Wonderwall Sketch by Cotto D’Este

If you don’t want to commit to the wooden wall covering, there is always an appropriate vinyl design that will help you get the look without all the hassle.

When choosing unusual wall coverings, be sure to learn everything you need to maintain them in a perfect condition. Some materials like real wood and marble do not like too much moisture, while things like vinyl might fade in the direct sun.


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