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Textured Concrete Tiles with Relief Motifs

A triangular motif, the Florentine tile is a Mercedesz Nagy design and is based on medieval architectural ornamentation used in monastery cloisters. The tetragonal, half opened florets where originally designed for meditative and contemplative purposes. Mercedesz multiplied the pattern and filled the surrounding negative spaces with asymmetrical rhombs that create a smooth transition to each Florentine while also adding in an extra layer of geometry. Each Florentine tile is 25.5×29.5×8.2cm for a bold yet subtle wall cladding.

Designed by Akos Horvath, the undulating flower motif was inspired by the rippling effect seen in nature. Akos enhanced this natural rhythm by adding a soft bas-relief to the petals while keeping the petals themselves simple and pure. When a moving source of light travels across the concave petals, they do indeed appear to move. The concrete Petal tiles are 20×13.2×7.4cm and can be used both indoors and outside. There is a wide array of colours and it is suggested that the colder colours are best used outdoors while the warmer tones suit an interior application. Small space are presented best in a single colour choice while large areas come alive with the addition of multiple colour choices.
Florentine is a male name with several meanings, most common interpretations of the 3-point flower is that of flourishing, thriving and shielding. It is the eternal man.
Each Mystyle concrete tile is handmade from a specially formulated and reinforced concrete fibre called Smart Concrete. The Smart Concrete is a mixture and process that improves upon the otherwise rigid, massive and grey material to create a durable raw material that can be adapted to any number of creative design concepts.
The new Smart Concrete elevates concrete from its industrial origins into bespoke design of detail and finesse. The new physical and aesthetic properties bring a new layer and value to interior design.
The soft organic form of the Petal motif creates an intimate and happy mood both indoors and out.
Using the Petal motif as an alternative to wallpaper or paint creates a dramatic statement that slowly shifts as the sun travels through the sky, changing the angles of the shadows within the relief pattern. This ever changing pattern brings is as though the Smart Concrete is a living, breathing entity.
These Smart Concrete tiles by KAZA with their combination of technical knowledge and artistry bring a new and bold alternative to interior and exterior décor.
The manufacturing of these tiles encompasses a small footprint. The concrete cures best at room temperature negating the need for kilns and heavy machinery. The raw materials used are minimal and the moulds are continually reused.
The Florentine tile creates a sense of direction with its 3-point floral and the added etched design of the rhombs creates an exaggerated sense of depth. While none of the pattern within the wall of tiles incorporates straight lines, the linear imagery is strong making it the perfect foil for both organic and geometric furnishings.
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