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Suspended Wicker Chair Egg by Pierantonio Bonacina

What better way to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing afternoon then in one of these awesome suspended EGG chairs designed by Nanna Ditzel in 1957. Now part of the Classics ’60 Collection through Pierantonio Bonacina, the EGG hanging armchair is available in saturated colours like this stunning plum, or in natural toned wicker. The self-supporting structure for the EGG chair made from lacquered tubular steel in an aluminum colour

While the EGG has its own self-supporting structure, it can also be suspended from a ceiling for a more minimalist approach.
The shaped seat cushion is made from polyurethane foam and polyester fibre or Filtren and comes with a removable cover while the outside shell is wicker or Polycore.
Seriously, how fun is this? Did I mention that plum is one of my favourite colours?
When I see these chairs, I just want to curl up in one while it twirls and spins. The ability of the chair to “move” is an added layer of relaxation that most stationary chairs simply don’t have.
Suspended within an outdoor terrace the EGG can take advantage of air currents.
Pierantonio Bonacina


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