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Magnetic Leather Wall and Floor Tiles from Blackstock Leather – The Silk Road Collection

Versatility is a valuable characteristic when it comes to selecting finish materials for one’s home. And versatility is exactly what Blackstock Leather provides with its innovative magnetic leather wall and floor tiles. Blackstock Leather has launched The Silk Road Collection, an exquisite series of wall and floor tiles that can be specified with a magnetic application system, allowing creative homeowners to easily change the look of any space within minutes. These tiles feature flexible magnetic backing that adheres directly to a steel substrate (included), making it simple to install and reconfigure if a new look is desired. These floor and wall tiles are of the highest quality and durability, made from the same tanned and waxed leather as that used for shoe soles. These 100% full grain cowhide tiles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors that will inevitably develop a rich patina as time passes. The supple look of a worn leather floor or walls adds character to a space unlike any other product is able to achieve. Not only do these tiles appeal to the eye – they please other senses as well. Consider the subtle, but distinct aroma of leather; its warmth to the touch and the way it pampers your back and feet when walking on it; and the way that it naturally absorbs sound to create a comfortable, soothing environment. With these magnetic leather wall and floor tiles from Blackstock Leather, any space can be transformed into one that exudes luxury and style. Blackstock Leather


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