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LED light table Floe by Lapalma

Merging technology, luxury and furniture – not a common combo, we might ad! – this LED light table design is the brainchild of jewelry house Swarovski and Italian company Lapalma. The Floe table with crystals and LED lights has a totally unique, totally futuristic aesthetic that’s ideal for the ultra-modern and minimalist home styles. Designer Tomoko Azumi created this trio of coffee tables, each one oddly shaped but fitting together to form this distinctive whole. White-lacquered metal and a laminate glass top, which is the stage for the interplay between light and crystal. The result is a magical, Aurora Borealis effect, right on your tabletop. Not only will this table look amazing in your home, it’s on exhibition at Triennale in Milan, “Swarovski Elements at Work.” Check out this modern LED light table design at Lapalma.



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