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How To Create A Luxury Touch In Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is one of those areas that are extremely personal, its where you get to unwind, relax and sleep. Therefore, it only makes sense to get as personal as possible in that room. Keeping that in mind, sometimes even your bedroom needs a sprucing up, whether that be via fully changing up your décor or simply adding a fresh touch here or there. Bringing a bit of luxury can be exactly what it needs for a fresh twist. Here are 10 ways to create a luxury touch in your bedroom without going overboard.

Work in a Rug

Go for an oversized rug to make the room feel expansive and even a bit layered. Work with a neutral shade to fully embrace the size of the room

Adding texture, color and appeal are one of the best ways to add warmth where you need it most. Furthermore, adding a sense of warmth is perfect for those that feel they need a dose of luxury. While luxury is all about perspective, it is also easy on the eye, which is exactly what you want. Think of it, as one of the perfect forms of adding a cozy feel that makes the room come to life. Furthermore, a chic rug can easily and quickly pull the room together.

Brightening Art

When in doubt paint your wall and let it come to life. Use as much color as possible to make a bold contrast.

Display your style, character, and appeal by bringing brightening art to the room. When we say, brightening art, we mean art pieces that have a meaning for you. Whether those pieces are abstract images, or they are paintings that make you feel a sense of peace. Keep the room clear of other images that don’t make the room feel as grand and simply bring in art. The art pieces will not only expand on the room, but it will further enhance the appeal of the room overall.

Throw Pillow Galore

Consider keeping your throw pillows as cohesive as possible for a sleek appearance that makes the room come to life overall

There is something about having a plush, oversized throw pillow that instantly will brighten a room. Furthermore, they add a dose of luxury that simply makes sense. It’s almost as if your pillows will instantly make the room come to life due to how many colors and texture your throw pillows will add. Bring in colorful pillows with an array of textures to truly bring your character to the forefront. Use pillows in multiple different sizes to make the space feel new and fresh while adding a multidimensional approach. Nevertheless, it brings a luxurious hotel approach.

Hanging Light Fixture

Consider going as bold as possible with your chandelier to truly embrace the room. This works great for those that want to make the room feel as open and airy as possible

Lighting is extremely important when it comes to keeping a room warm, cozy and luxurious. When it comes to subtle hints that instantly add a luxurious touch bringing light fixtures to the room is the way to go. You want to bring in pendant lighting that embraces the room. It’s all about making the room come to life and feel almost fancy without being overboard and heavy. Use a feminine chandelier or work with a bold lighting bit to truly enhance the room.

Smaller Nightstand

The smaller your nightstand the more space you will have to finish the rest of the room easily and effortlessly.

Whether you like to admit it or not, most nightstand’s simply take up a whole lot of space. Not only that, but they work against you when it comes to keeping the room clean. Most of us will keep lotions, potions, and other items on the nightstand, and let it get cluttered. Which is why we recommend getting a smaller nightstand and taking into consideration the dimension of the mattress-topper.The smaller the nightstand the less you will have to have displayed. Furthermore, hide something’s away to further enhance the minimal approach.

Large Statement Piece

The larger the bed the grander it will feel without getting away from the natural appeal of the room.

Sometimes you need a large statement piece in order to make any room feel a welcoming effect. You can almost make the large piece the focus of the room and have that bring the luxurious feel you want. It’s all about embracing the room’s natural architecture and size for that lux feel. Furthermore, having a simple large will further showcase what the room is all about. Work your large piece into the room’s natural character.

Empty Floor

Keeping the room’s floor clear of anything will ensure the room feels fresh and put together

The number one reason why most rooms look and feel cluttered is due to having a mess on the floor. Instead of having a messy room with a heavy disorder of clothing, keep the room clear. Do this by keeping the floor as empty as possible. Furthermore, a clean floor will make a huge difference making the room appeal more put together and chic. The minimal approach is also great for those that want a luxury vibe without going overboard with it.

Time for Nature

The more plants you bring in the better. It’s about embracing the room and falling in love with nature all over again.

While natural elements might not seem as if they add a unique feel, they do in a big way. Bring in a heavy source of greenery to make the room come to life overall. Furthermore, adding a natural touch ensures the room feels fresh and clean while helping make the room have a constant flow of air. Add different size plants and hang them around the home, for a fresh approach bit. It’s all about having a fresh feel that makes sense to the room.

Add Metal

Even if it’s a subtle hint, you want to bring a metallic finish where you least expect it for that modern aesthetic

Metallics are perfect for those that want to brighten the room, in the least expensive manner. This works best when you want to change up the hardware in the room. Doing so will brighten the room while still giving you a unique feel. The unique feel will make the room feel new and chic. Furthermore, the metal bits will make the room feel new every single time. Pair with gems to fully make the room have a welcoming feel.

Accent Chair

Go bold with color to truly make the room come to life. It’s all about working the room into becoming that much brighter.

When it comes to adding something new consider having an accent chair. Accent chairs come in an array of colors, textures, and styles, making it easy to work the room. Furthermore, when it comes to having an accent chair, consider going the minimal yet colorful route. Going in this stylish direction allows you to work with color and texture all at once. Whether you decide to upholster your chair or go with a patterned approach they will both create the same feel. You simply want to make sure your chair is bold and vivid while still standing out from the rest.

Making a bedroom feel luxurious can be just as easy as one, two, three and here are unique ways to do just that. Please share with us your ideas below.


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