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Luxury House by KAA Design

The richness of this luxury house at 31st Street – brainchild of the architects at KAA Design – drips from the depth of nature and serenity in the design. “The design of this residence is centered on the melding of indoor and outdoor, the constant invitation of natural light to the interior, and the search for a spiritual calm in and around the spaces,” according to the architects. “This home is centered and balanced with a calming, nurturing aesthetic that feels simultaneously as warm and familiar as it does forward and modern.” Like Yin and Yang, this luxury home represents a perfect equilibrium. Natural daylight dances in and out of the large open-air windows facing a terrace. Views of the outdoors are enjoyed form every corner in this rich and layered home. Wood, both raw and finished, covers walls and floors; its wonderful scent mingles from room to room in this peaceful, spa-inspired abode. KAA Design.



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