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Luxury Entertainment Center from Vismara – leather upholstered wall units

With all the glamour and emotion you’d expect from Italian designed leather upholstered wall units, this Luxury Entertainment Center from Vismara is totally unmistakable. Ideal for people who love entertaining, the Scrigno and Scrigno Glamour will keep your CDs and DVDs tidied away. And not only that, the leather upholstered wall unit actually becomes a fashionable statement of your exacting taste. Scrigno comes in a range of gorgeous hues of leather – with contrasting trim around the door joins. The opulent Scrigno Glamour boasts animal inspired leather finishes that resemble crocodile, zebra and ostrich, in fabulous colors such as white, black and gold. Enhance your home entertainment area with the luxury center from Vismara.



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