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Luxury Bathroom from Toscoquattro – Chorus bathroom

toscoquattro chorus bathroom Luxury Bathroom from Toscoquattro   Chorus bathroom
The Chorus bathroom is a luxury bathroom from Toscoquattro in which different aspects harmonise to equal a whole much greater than the sum total of each individual part. Deluxe detailing and incredible quality materials ensure this luxury bathroom is once seen, never forgotten. The wall-mounted modular vanity is made of shiny mongay wood essence, and the heavy gloss highlights the golden glints within the wood. The warm, deep grey tones of the bathtub and basin are released from the painstakingly carved Antalya stone, where smooth lines enhance the sense of relaxation. All technical components are hidden in hollows inside the stone…leaving nothing to distract the eye from its commanding and gracious form. Bring the primitive grace and ageless durability of the Chorus luxury bathroom from Toscoquattro to your home – for now and for all time.
toscoquattro chorus bathroom stone console Luxury Bathroom from Toscoquattro   Chorus bathroom




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