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Modern Italian bathroom suite from Toscoquattro – the Le Acque bathroom

Le Acque Bathroom uses natural stone forms to create smooth organic water worn basins and baths. Made of a light stone with a bold mottled pattern, Le Acque bathroom brings harsh strength and beauty into your home. Designed by Claudio Silvestrin, The free-standing bath is carved from a solid rock. The outside form shares the natural uneven curves of everyday pebbles, but amplified to human sized proportions. The edge of the bath twists and curves freely. The basin sheers a large stone in half and then carves a vessel out of the smooth surface. It is dramatically suspended at the end of a long wooden countertop. The natural stone profile then sweeps under creating the illusion it is finely balanced. Incorporating the stone even into the doors of the cabinets ensures that it becomes a pervading integral element. The counters and cabinets made of dark wood accent the natural forms. The mix of fine woods with rough stone creates a relaxed natural environment. La Acque by Toscoquattro is a modern bathroom with the essence of nature and symbolic balance.



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