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Bathroom in a Mirror – Alice Mirrors by Toscoquattro have it all

A bright, brilliant backdrop for the sink area, the Alice Mirrors collection is by Toscoquattro. In this surprising collection the mirror is not just an accessory, but integral to the bathroom design. Providing naturally aesthetically pleasing storage areas in a neat, modular arrangement is certainly not all the Alice Mirrors do! Lighting is also provided within the frame of the mirror, shining down from two spots onto the attractive, curved corner sink. The washbasin itself, the Siltek Artico, is a special piece with a removable water collection top. Water flows from the tap shelf rendered in toughened transparent glass. The tap shelf actually also includes a vase – a lovely thoughtful touch. And to add to the overall brilliance of the design, LED lights are included within the glass shelves. Playing with light, reflection and water is what the Alice Mirrors by Toscoquattro do best.
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