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Luxe Rectangular Gold Vanity Persempre from Qin

Qin vanity Persempre
The Persempre modern wall mount vanity from Qin takes on totally different looks depending on how the basic, iconic shape is interpreted. If you are looking for luxe, you’ll love the sumptuous gold covered version. It escapes ostentation by retaining the simple and classic rectangular shape of the Persempre vanity in juxtaposition to the rich finish. Similarly, the discrete patterns which you may choose look straightforward and fuss-free on such a modern geometric base. Topped with a glass surface and either an integrated sink or a free-standing basin, the Persempre look exudes class. Small details personalize the vanity, whether you prefer a handle attached to the front of the vanity – which can also be used for a handtowel – or if you’d like to slightly extend the surface of the glass top to include a rail for towels, it’s your choice. Available now from Qin – choose the refined and linear Persempre vanity to embody your own understated good taste!
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