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Loves Me Loves Me Not Side Table by Vogel


OMG – can you imagine a more romantic table than this? Loves me, loves me not… who didn’t play that game with a daisy when you were a kid? And what a great table for a small space, you have 8 different petals that can be used as individual side tables. That’s pretty efficient. Combine this table with eight stacking or folding chairs and you’ve got a dinner party in a small apartment. These “delicate” petals are also available in copper or bronze top but we like the wood. Vogel Designs of Capetown, South Africa believes in sustainable design and follows through on that belief. Tree planting is funded from products sold and they plant more than they use so that the end result is more trees not less. Made from ash, the tables are available in individual petals, or a set of eight. A touch of whimsy and memory, with the elegance of finely crafted wood. That’s a table you’ll love for a long time.


More information: Vogel


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