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Loft Kitchen by TEAM7 has Modern Woodsy Aesthetic

loft kitchen team7 modern woodsy 1 thumb 630xauto 48044 Loft Kitchen by TEAM7 has Modern Woodsy Aesthetic

TEAM7 believes that a kitchen can never contain too much wood – and in their Loft Kitchen they have definitely proven their philosophy. Not only do the cabinets feature wood, but so do the floating shelves and the attached dining table.

loft kitchen team7 modern woodsy 2 thumb 630xauto 48046 Loft Kitchen by TEAM7 has Modern Woodsy Aesthetic

The overall aesthetic is that of a modern country cottage kitchen: warm, cozy and super functional.


For everyone who loves the natural look of wood and enjoys cooking, the Loft Kitchen ticks all the boxes with its hand-sorted wood door and drawer fronts. By hand sorting the wood used in each kitchen, the colorations, graining and knots have a consistent aesthetic – difficult to do when you consider trees all grow in different environments and conditions and their consequential wood reflects all these variants.


Box joints are used to add a joinery detail that speaks of the craftsmanship behind the product.


The various zones within the kitchen can be divided into either individual or stand alone areas for cooking, cleaning or equipment storage.


The open plan design allows for easy access to all necessary equipment for a seamless cooking experience.


The Loft extendable table is customizable in length and can be fitted with a cutlery drawer or with cushioned 60cm insert panels if needed.


A thick wood butcher block can be incorporated into the countertop as either a stationary or removable feature.


The panel doors can be fitted with glass centers in clear, satin or smoky glass.


Combined with a natural stone countertop, the wood Loft Kitchen brings the natural aesthetics of Mother Nature inside.


The wild oak and wild walnut versions of the Loft Kitchen showcase graining and knots like no other species.



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