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Living Room Rugs That Chicly Transform Your Space

Once you have decided on a theme for your living room and selected the couches you will use, it is time to choose the perfect rug. While most won’t consider this step as necessary it most certainly is. Rugs give a classic warm feel to the room that is indescribable there is just something about them that feels cozy and chic. Keeping that in mind, we have prepared a guide that will help you find the perfect rug to transform your living room space.

Wool Shag

Consider a shag rug with a pattern for the perfect contrast between pattern and texture.

Remember the 1970s where everyone wanted and needed a wool shag rug as part of their décor? Well, the times have come when the 70s is officially back and wool rugs are on trend! If you have a modern theme adding a cool shag rug is perfect to create that signature balance.

Shades of Blue

Blue comes in an array of different hues; therefore, it allows you to have multiple different options when it comes to selecting the shade of blue that works for your home.

Who doesn’t love the idea of decorating with the color blue? The color blue has become an excellent option when it comes to décor, so much so that many of us are loving the idea of decorating with it on a regular basis. With that being said, add a blue rug, the key is working with a multidimensional shade of blue.

Look for Texture

If you already have a texture in the room the key is working in additional texture that flows well throughout the space instead of taking away the main textured bit. 

If you already have a simplistic decorating style, seek a rug that is filled with texture. Having a textured rug works well for adding character right where you need it. It creates a sense of character and beauty.

Bring on the Pattern

Pattern does not need to be as bold and daring as others might think, in fact, we love the touch of having a light pattern that works in two neutral hues in a minimalistic manner.

Pattern is always a good idea; however, when you’re working with a rug you want to select one that offers a repetitive pattern time and time again. The idea is for the pattern to become the main focus of the room without taking away from it.


A floral touch works exceptionally well when you want to liven up a neutral theme that needs color and appeal.

Floral has become a top favorite for many who want to add color and pattern all at once. The key to a floral rug is using hues that blend well with the room yet have a hint of vibrancy. Consider a floral rug with a flew wild colors that seem to blend perfectly together.

Neutral Bits

Neutrals can sometimes be considered “boring” but in all actuallity, they can be bold and fun, pair them with other deeper neutral shades to add a hint of contrast throughout.

Unlike, bold hues or daring patterns a neutral rug is a classic staple not only will it work well in the room, but it adds a classic cohesiveness that simply makes sense. Think of it as the item you didn’t know you needed.

Geometric Pattern

Bring a focal point to the living room with a daring geometric pattern that brings beauty and is yet aesthetically pleasing from the very moment you lay it down and pair it with other bold pattern bits.

If you read our first post for 2019, then you are aware of how geometric patterns are all the rave this year. With that being said, geometric patterns are also coming to your rug. Geometric rugs are perfect for rooms that need a little something extra.

Fur Rug

If you have a smaller fur rug do not freet, pair it with another rug and layer them together for a unique display that is modern yet traditional.

For a feminine touch, a fur rug is a way to go. Not only will it add texture, but it has the feminine aesthetic that you would want and need to brighten up the room. You might even want to consider a large rug instead of a smaller one to create a grand effect.

Striped Please

To widen a smaller room consider larger stripes and for larger rooms go for smaller stripes in order to create an expanding contrast.

A striped rug is a great idea when you want to add color and texture all at the same time. Additionally, the rug will give you a focal point for the room, this allows you to have a character emphasizing display.

Bring on the Red

Bring a bold red rug to compliment your neutral decor, doing so will bring beauty and character to a room seamlessly.

Red is not only bold and powerful but its an excellent option for any decorating style. Regardless of how you like to decorate a daring red rug can be the perfect cherry on top to any décor you might already have going on.

Which of these rugs are you looking forward to adding in your home? Share your ideas with us below.


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