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Live Edge Dining Table with Curvaceous Intertwined Brass Legs

Il Pezzo Mancante has a passion for raw materials, traditional craftsmanship and modern creativity and that passion is what led to the creation of this rather awesome dining table with its live edge surface and curvaceous base. The tabletop of the Il Pezzo 8 is a solid slab of 7cm (2-3/4″) thick wood with the undulations of the trees natural edges kept true. The organic flow of the live edges is repeated in the forest of intertwined legs that offer a central support. Each of the legs is hand-welded brass and each has a small brass cylinder attached to it that contains a serial number for authenticity. The wood slab has a natural oil finish that brings out the beauty of the grain and the brass legs are finished in a series of metallic colours for a sinuous and organic display. The Il Pezzo 8 table is a work of art and would look fantastic in just about any setting. It is a statement of colour, shape and material that is both light and solid, fluid yet static, it is a composition that makes you want to reach out and touch it, the perfect combination for any dining room setting. While the table pictured here is sized for 10 chairs, custom sizes and finishes are available as the pedestal design is completely adaptable and while the table looks spectacular in this traditional setting, it would be just as perfect in a modern or industrial setting.

The intertwined legs are grouped in 3’s. One copper, one black and one chrome in colour. The legs undulate in their support and change their diameter as they rise up from the ground.
The live edge slab that forms the top of the table is finished in a natural oil to retain the original beauty of the tree it is from. The oil enhances the natural graining of the wood and the natural edges adds an extra layer to the organic flow of the design.
The intertwining brass legs take their cue from the graining of the wood slab they are attached to. Just as the wood grain can flow and ebb in different thickness throughout the wood, so too do the legs. Some start narrower below the table surface, widening as the reach for the floor, others start narrower at the floor level before widening as they stretch for the slab.
Il Pezzo Mancante


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