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LED Shower Doors from Antonio Lupi – new Cromobox Enclosures

The Cromobox LED shower door is an innovative evolution of Antonio Lupi’s amazing decorative shower doors design. Just as beautiful as its predecessor, this cool chromotherapy kit for the shower kicks it up a notch and sheds some light on alternative relaxation therapies. Did you know that color is often associated with mood? The Cromobox LED shower features a full spectrum of cool shades that impact you from the inside out. Lift your spirits every morning with invigorating green; turn up the heat with vivid red; soothe your soul at night with the calming effects of a true blue hue. These vibrant colors splash the doors, illuminating the modern Mosaico pattern on the Duroglass enclosures. This stylish LED door makes a great addition to any bathroom, and it looks great, even when it’s not lit. Turn your bathroom into a home spa – shower yourself in light and enjoy the benefits of chromotherapy right in your own home. Check it out at Antonio Lupi.



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