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Decorative Shower Door – Shower Box doors from Antonio Lupi

Have you ever thought about having decorative shower doors? Antonio Lupi takes creativity to a whole new level by introducing decorative doors to his Shower Box design. His aim is to provide a more complete range of bathroom products. The decorated doors are the perfect choice for anyone interested in spicing up their personal space. They are made in Duroglass and enriched with a range array of patterned decorations. Modern expressions are used, such as code bars or people signs, but you can also choose a big flower pattern for instance. These will add a bit of privacy while offering quality visuals on a surface often neglected by interior decorators. All patterns are applied on the outer side of the glass door. This innovation gives great liberty in expressing your own style in new ways. With this new addition from Antonio Lupi surely no bathroom will look (or feel) the same again.



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