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Gessi LED Kitchen Faucet – new Just Color kitchen faucets: zero electrical energy consumption

The Just Color kitchen faucet is a new LED Kitchen faucet from Gessi. Just like the Rettangolo Color bathroom faucet it is a part of the Colored Light faucet line by Gessi. Combining design and functionality, the Just Color feature a minimal and glamorous shape while emitting water lightened by a concealed colored LED. It joins the purity of water with the purity of its shape; it makes the water itself the design object for the very heart of the house: the kitchen. Just Color recalls a sensory, tactile and visual experience and is sure to be a conversation starter. LED lights up in different shades of blue, purple, or red as the water temperature changes. The whole jet is colored, resulting in an exciting and spectacular effect. It really adds another dimension to your kitchen decor, especially at the dusk. As with the Rettangolo bathroom faucet, it allows to visually perceive the temperature of the water avoiding useless wastes of energy and preventing the risk of scalding. Moreover the Colored Light faucets collections by Gessi feature an exclusive patented technology that allows for a self powered colored lighting of the water flow without any electrical connection. The lighting of the LED is supplied by inner turbines through the simple passage of the water, without any electrical connection or accumulator, that is with zero energy consumption. Aesthetics, energy saving and safety are the inspiring principles of the Gessi Colored Light Collections. Designed by Prospero Rasulo, the Just Color kitchen faucet line is available in Chrome, Brushed Chrome and Silvered (shown). Gessi



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