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LED Bathroom Faucet by Gessi – new Rettangolo Color bathroom faucets: no electrical connection required

This LED Bathroom Faucet, the Rettangolo Color, is a part of the new Colored Light faucet collection by Gessi that brings aesthetics and innovation to everyday life. What Gessi produces can’t be simply defined as faucets. In fact the Company – through its outstanding design – has managed to upgrade the item faucet from a simple distributor of water, to the dignity of a forefront furniture element featuring a functional and an aesthetic logic at a time. In other words, the “faucet” becomes the spectacular protagonist of the environment in which it is placed. The Colored Light faucets by Gessi, such as the Rettangolo Color bathroom faucets, satisfy indeed this twofold logic of beauty and function. Rettangolo Color recalls a sensory, tactile and visual experience which is pure pleasure. On the passage of water a temperature sensitive LED lights up in different shades of color: blue, purple, or red, according to the water temperature. Thanks to a refractive process of the light, the whole jet is colored, resulting in an exciting and spectacular effect. Yet the coloring of the water also envisages a very important functional aspect. In fact it allows to visually perceive the temperature of the water avoiding useless wastes of energy and preventing the risk of scalding. Designed by Prospero Rasulo, Rettangolo Color bathroom faucet line embody the spirit of innovation and aesthetics without compromises of a company that is always in the forefront: Gessi the water designer.
Shown above is the Joystick handle bathroom mixer, below is the Joystick handle wall-mounted bath faucet. Both feature a selfpowering LED light changing its color according to the water temperature. Finishes available: chrome (shown), silvered.



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