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New Bathroom Fixture Designs from Gessi – unusual ceiling mounted sink faucet with remote control and more …

Gessi Rettangolo ceiling mounted sink faucet
Simple yet surprising bathroom fixture designs characterize the new Rettangolo bathroom fixtures collection from Gessi. Eye-catching and minimalist, the Rettangolo collection presents (pictured above) a fascinating sink faucet which emerges straight down from the ceiling, delivering water with a separate control, or a remote control for impressive effect and ease of operation. Stripped down style, the ceiling-mounted faucet comes in shiny chrome and silvered metal finishes, but also in the rather interesting black or white finishes. The three-hole faucet is similarly straightforward, its pleasing u-shaped curve makes it appear approachable and casual. It is available in a chrome or silvered version. It’s so easy to complete the whole look with the gorgeous wall-mounted Rettangolo Doccia shower head fixture. The angular, squared shower head is orientable so you can direct the flow of water to the ideal position. This shower head also comes in the unusual color options of black and white to match your minimal look perfectly. Contact Gessi to find out more about the Rettangolo bathroom fixture collection… or check out Trendir archives to find the gorgeous Mimi faucet and Rettangolo Color collections too.
Gessi Rettangolo three hole faucet
Gessi Rettangolo Doccia wall mounted shower head


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