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LED Faucet Blancomaster Ilux from Blanco – no electrical connection is required

If you’re looking for hassle-free, high-impact home accessories, look no further than the LED Faucet Blancomaster Ilux kitchen faucet from Blanco. A forward-looking design, the Blancomaster Ilux incorporates a fun, yet practical, LED light that does not require an electrical connection! Powered by a turbine, the coloured LED light displays a red light for hot water, blue for cold and purple for a mixed temperature. This innovative use of technology is sure to fascinate your family and guests alike. The high, angular positioning of the spout ensures that the kitchen faucet is convenient for filling vases or pots. Add interest to your home with this exciting new LED Faucet: the Blancomaster Ilux from Blanco.


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