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Large Pendant by Oggetti – Luce modern Italian pendant lighting – colorful, cool and elegant

A fun and easy way to add a splash of color to your home is with a modern pendant from Oggetti. These large Italian pendants are from the Fantasia Belle Collection, a series of creations from Oggetti Luce, the newest division at Oggetti. These large pendants are composed of mouth-blown glass from Venice, a process which results in a charming handcrafted look that ensures that each fixture is one of a kind. These Italian pendant lights feature a wide array of vibrant colors and intricate patterns that make each of these lights its own unique work of art – most have even been signed by the artist! The metal hardware attached is all satin-nickel plated, a nice complement to the contemporary color palettes that these large pendants display. With all of the exciting styles and hues to choose from, you might have to pick more than one! Oggetti


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