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Lanscape with a Pool by B & B Pool and Spa

Whether your backyard is used for formal get-togethers or rowdy pool parties, B & B Pool and Spa will landscape a haven to suite your style. This transcendent garden retreat is the perfect hide-away to spend endless hours in. Bright pink lilies accent the lush greeneries composed of ground cover, shrubs and trees. An avid gardener will appreciate the mulch that is used to complement the landscaping. While it adds more interest to the gardens, it also helps contain moisture and prevent weed and grass growth. Flecks of yellow and brown in the gray-toned flagstone patio are highlighted with splashes of yellow perennials in the surroundings, while encasing the azure-colored, Gunite, free-form pool. The sounds from the natural-looking waterfall add even more luxury to this vista. Indulge all your senses in the essence of serenity with a backyard from B & B Pool and Spa Center.


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