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Ceiling Mounted Lamps from Almalight – Kone Modern Lamps With an Adaptable Personality for Any Room

Almalight ceiling mounted lamp Kone
Straightforward and to the point, the Kone ceiling mounted lamps from Almalight are powerful in numbers. Clusters or lines of the lamps bring out the design strength of the lamps, as well as providing a cheerful, bright environment for just about any room in your home. Extending downwards to illuminate, these sensational modern lamps are available in white or black. Their intriguing ribbed base flares out to create the distinctive shape of the shades. Substantial steel structures, the lamps are finished in chrome and topped with contemporary glass shades. If you like the look of the Kone, you’ll be pleased to note that in addition to a ceiling mounted version it comes in as a table lamp and as a standing lamp too, so you can carry the style through to unify your room. For more information, contact Spanish company Almalight.
Almalight Kone lamps in oval formation

Almalight Kone lamps from the top
Almalight lamp Kone in white


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