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Kohler’s New Purist Hatbox toilet – tankless and electronic

The minimalism is in the bathroom… The Purist Hatbox toilet from Kohler fits state-of-the-art technology into a pure oval shape, and makes a ‘hats up’ statement in the bathroom. The high-end electric and tankless Purist Hatbox challenges your bathroom style while its clean aesthetics makes you feel clean yourself. We are certainly witnessing some interesting changes in the bathroom design as the toilet transforms from a bulky box into a slim pure design – “The Purist Hatbox toilet is simply a natural evolution of how we perceive the toilet.” Priced at $2,890. 800-4-KOHLER.

At least three design innovations helped to achieve this minimal form… utilizing Kohler’s Power Lite technology (Power Lite toilets use a factory-installed .2-hp electric pump fully enclosed within the toilet box that provides a powerful flush utilizing 1.6 gallons of water.), utilizing small electronic actuator along the side of the toilet instead of a mechanical lever, and having the water supply line come inside of the bowl base through the floor up.
There are two more interesting features: the seat is of the Comfort Height of an average household chair (17″), and it has built-in Quiet-Close functionality to prevent slamming. To match the rest of the Kohler’s Purist Suite of products, the Kohler Purist toilet is offered in six colors – White, Biscuit, Ice Grey, Almond, Sandbar, and Thunder Grey.
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