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Brushed Gold Bathroom Faucets by Kohler

Time for a gold finish to come back in a more modern contemporary way … and Kohler’s 2 newest Gold finishes did just that. We welcome Kohler’s Purist single-control bathroom faucets with straight lever handle in Vibrant Moderne Brushed Gold and Polished Gold. Typically reserved for traditional faucet designs, this gold finish is a perfect fit for the Purist line of modern contemporary bathroom faucets. Simple understated design of the faucet gets a new luxury life with these 2 new gold finishes, where brushed gold would be our preference for a contemporary bathroom. A trendy idea from Kohler, these two new faucets will be hot items. “We’ve approached the undeniable, romantic allure of gold in an entirely new way. The results are two new, trendsetting faucet finishes. Charismatic, bright and vocal, the new Vibrant Moderne Polished Gold faucet finish offers undeniable relevance. Contemplative and complex by nature, the new Vibrant Moderne Brushed Gold inspires thoughtful reflection.”, as described by Kohler. List price: $332.60 and up.



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