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Kohler new Bathroom Collection – the Fountainhead Collection

[KBIS 2007 Previews]
Characterised by straight and sharp perpendicular lines that are supported by softly sweeping curves, the new Kohler Fountainhead Bathroom Collection evokes a serene modern bathroom aesthetic. The innovative designs offer a unique and luxurious experience. By blending soft organic curves with modern sleek geometry, the Fountainhead range offers a complexity and beauty. Available in both a light Blanche Maple and a dark Truffle Ash finish, the Fountainhead vanities offer a personalization of their elegant bathroom furnishings. With a complete range of furnishing to renovate your bathroom and grooming, the Kohler Fountainhead collection is designed to withstand harsh bathroom environments in uncompromising style.
Kohler Fountainhead Petite Vanity
A single plinth vanity, the Kohler Fountainhead Petite Vanity stands on two slender legs. On the outside the legs offer a straight edge, but on the inside they sweep up and out to support the thick panelled vanity front. A unit of subtle proportions, the vanity surface is undercut by a parallel groove of similar depth. This simple detail accents and defines the strong horizontal line. When matched with a basin that mirrors this horizontal line the unit becomes a cohesive unit with a chic sophistication. Raising up your luxurious basin, the simplicity of the Kohler vanity provides an understated beauty rather than a distraction. Compact yet alluring, the Petite Vanity makes a dramatic statement despite its diminutive size.
Kohler Fountainhead Dressing Vanity
For a larger and longer vanity that creates a single point from which to groom and prepare, the Fountainhead Dressing Vanity offers a luxurious expanse of space. Again the full rectangular countertop is accented by the proportional recess that runs beneath it. The unique and identifiable Fountainhead legs support each end of the vanity. Between them the vanity sweeps and curves to form a counter at which to apply make-up and beauty treatments. The gentle curve of the vanity creates a focus at the centre of the wide open counter. Balanced by a single free-standing basin at the other end, this Dressing Vanity has a serene and natural order.
Kohler Fountainhead Swivel Vanity Seat
Complementing these fine vanities is the Fountainhead Swivel Vanity Seat. Reversing the balance of curves and lines, the Swivel vanity seat is a circular design that tapers down for a low waist. Shaped like an African drum, the profile offers a sharp clean line. A well planned design, the seat adds multiple functions to the deceptively simple design. A simple oval cut out in the body of the stool doubles as the mouth of the rubbish bin concealed inside the stool and as a basic handle. The top of the Vanity Seat is also designed to swivel, making it easy to slide in and out of the vanity. With a simple elegance the curving wood stool adds a subtle contrast to the sophisticated Fountainhead collection.
Kohler Fountainhead Wall Cabinet with Faucet
For a truly unique faucet design, the Fountainhead Wall Cabinet with Faucet combines unusual design with handy bathroom storage. Concealed within the mirrored cabinet, the faucet seemingly releases the water from nowhere. The rushing water flows into the free-standing vessel for a clean and uncluttered vanity design. The faucet is controlled by a slender joystick that raises from a rippled plate on the mirror’s perfect surface. Behind the mirror, the cabinet conceals your potions and toiletries continuing the uncluttered theme. To access them, the storage shelves pull out and towards the user, and when finished they use the Kohler Slow-Close technology to quietly return to place. An intriguing and captivating design, this wall cabinet with faucet adds charm and personality through form and function.
Kohler Fountainhead Steam Shower Door
Finally the Fountainhead Collection offers a fabulous new shower door to complete your bathroom look. Offering the balance and beauty of French doors, the Steam Shower Door helps open your shower space for a large expansive feel. The large clear glass doors are edged in Satin Silver trim, offering a uninhibited view of your luxury shower space. Available in both five and six-foot lengths, this is the largest non-custom door in the Kohler collections. Finally by choosing the optional upper transom, this shower door offers the enclosed environment needed for luxurious steam showers. Offering a simple and crystal clear beauty, the Fountainhead steam shower door continues the modern yet understates beauty of the serene Kohler Fountainhead collection.


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