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Kohler Glass Lavatory collection – the new Nature’s Chemistry lavatories

Revelling in the brilliance and glamour of the sensual material, the new Kohler glass lavatory collection plays with light and texture. Part of Kohler Nature’s Chemistry collection, each new glass lavatory uses innovative techniques that create dramatic glass sculptures. Featuring rippled surfaces that mimic the water that flows over it, the lavatories play with light and shadows. Available in three distinctive designs, the Nature’s Chemistry lavatories capture the many beauties of water. The rectangular Antilia glass countertop lavatory (K-2369-B11, from $2000) features a smooth ripple surface and the thick glass offers dark brooding of the deep calming sea. The Facet glass Vessels lavatory (K-2368-B11, $1450) features a triangular base that supports an elegant funnel shape that glitters and shines like an ice sculpture. Finally the Lavinia glass Vessels lavatory (K-2367-B11, $900) swirls and spins like water pooling before flowing down the basin. Beautiful vessels that add a sophistication and glittering glamour, Kohler glass lavatories make a stunning statement in your bathroom. Kohler



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