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Kohler Fountainhead lavatory and shelf faucet

fountainhead lavatory shelf faucet Kohler Fountainhead lavatory and shelf faucet
The Kohler Fountainhead collection offers a new and inspired combination of the already popular Fountainhead shelf faucet with this attractive lavatory. The Fountainhead Suite contemporary shelf faucet, available in Blanche Maple and Truffle Ash, allows for a soothing, stream-like delivery of water. The higher than normal position makes it both visually appealing and physically effective… which has ensured the lasting popularity of the style. Now teamed with the Black n’ Tan lavatory, the shelf faucet is even more gorgeous. With its soft, fluid lines, the lavatory gently persuades the user of its chic functionality. Evoke a sense of serenity in your bathroom with the Kohler Fountainhead lavatory.



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