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Kitchen Waterstation by Rieber – compact kitchen ‘Unit Round’

By bringing distinctive features to even compact kitchens, the kitchen waterstation Unit Round offers trendy solutions that save space. The short island unit accommodates all your needs with the latest innovations in kitchen design. The most prominent feature is the circular waterstation sink. Though it takes ups merely 0.8 square meters of floor space, it provides a luxurious 3 meters of workspace. Sliding trays and panels reveal a sink unit that changes to suit your needs. Everything from washing to chopping can be done in one convenient space. Next to the sink a sleek ceramic hob blends smoothly into the surface, while a subtle backsplash conceals new extractor fan technology. Fitted into stainless steel units, the Unit Round provides ample storage on its lower shelf, while retaining its sleek professional style. Rieber have created a fabulous island kitchen of professional quality, perfect for small spaces.


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