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Waterstation Cubic 600 kitchen sink from Rieber – the sliding sink trays

The Waterstaion Cubic 600 is part of an integrated kitchen system. Rieber have devised a professional system of gastronome containers that easily move from fridge, to sink, to oven. Now available for the home, the Waterstation Cubic allows for multi-level use, which adds convenience and frees up counter space. In the Waterstation Cubic the trays really are the stars. A sieve like tray can be used at counter top level for washing vegetables or straining pasta, then turn the tray 90 degrees and the tray can move to the second lower level out of the way for the moment. The chopping board fits easily across the top of the sink, and the small compartment at the top is ideal for collecting skins and off-cuts. All the trays in the sink have room to slide meaning the sinks is always available rather than restricted by clutter. The trays also prevent food from actually resting in the sink. Sinks are renowned for being breeding grounds for bacteria, with the trays being much easier to clean; this makes food preparation much more hygienic. Besides all this wonderful ergonomic function, the Waterstaion Cubic also combines cubist sink design with practical application. By using a very small radius the elegance of the cubic sink remains, while being much easier to clean. Available for 950 Euro or $1,222 from Rieber.


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