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Sleek Cubic House with Front and Back Gardens

Tel Aviv based Pistou Kedem Architects are well known for their ultra contemporary approach in designing private residences. The project presented here comes to reconfirm their style, with box volumes, huge glazed surfaces and no architectural excesses. The architects chose to strategically place the building in the middle of the rectangular plot, situated in a busy residential neighborhood. This way, the house is neither on the street front and not to much to the back, thus benefiting from two gardens, a sunken one at the front and a more private one at the back. The shape of the house is defined by three elements. The main central one is a rectangular box closed at the back by a two storey high glazed façade. The other two elements seem to be protruding out of the main one. At the front there is another rectangular box with one floor at street level and a lower completely excavated floor. This box is mainly dedicated to the night area, with bedrooms, en suite bathrooms and a lounge. The lower floor levels have private access to the front sunken garden. The street level floor serves also as main entrance to the house, via a suspended bridge structure. At the back of the house there is a rectangular pool that “protrudes” from the house, mirroring it in the still waters at the same time.

The size of the outdoors dining table is impressive, and this feeling is emphasized by the throne like high back chair placed at the head of the table.
The rectangular box that forms the main living area of the house strikes with its pillar free fully glazed façade. The glass panes slide symmetrically to the left and the right, opening up the entire rear side of the house, the perfect setting for a typically tropical lifestyle. The façade can be completely secured by metallic shutters when necessary.
This isle of the house consists of a double height living area with open kitchen and the mater bedroom, situated on the second floor and overlooking the living room and the pool. The master bedroom has a privileged position, the highest in the whole house. A lot of space is dedicated to each area of the house; the living room is very generous with an extra large L-shaped leather sofa and lounge chairs. This area is flooded by light from both front and rear, having nice views of the two gardens at the same time.
In the sleek white kitchen, all the appliances are hidden inside cabinets and in the island counter, for an immaculate look. The big diameter dining table has a turning platter in the center in order to facilitate serving for the guests. Behind the dining table there is a very tall white bookshelf with irregular compartments, decorated with colorful books and objects. This is the only concession made to color in the all white interior.
Pivoting doors open the space to a glazed terrace overlooking the sunken garden.
The front isle of the house is dedicated to the night area. One of the floors is at street level and serves as main entrance in the house. The other one is completely excavated and consists of a bedroom with en suite bathroom and a lounge area. From this floor there is direct access to the private sunken garden covered a by meticulously mowed lawn.
The cantilevering white stairs seem to be protruding out of the wall and are protected on the free side by a full height glass wall. Through the glazed surface one can admire the abstract art on the stair case wall.
Set against white marble and Corian background, the round anthracite stone washbasins make a strong statement in the master bathroom.


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