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Home with Underground Courtyard and Rooftop Gardens

If you like a little “wow” with your architecture, you’ll love the Wall House designed by Farm. Located in Singapore, the home is best described by the architects as “a tale of two houses – similar looking, yet independent and coming together to form a coherent whole. The two blocks sit on a sprawling piece of land, belonging respectively to the retired parents and one of their children.” The house takes shape as layers spread across the expansive property, some buried under a layer of lush lawn, and other peeking up over the hilltop. A central courtyard is artfully carved into the heart of the home, sinking deep into the earth and surrounded by a pool on the surface. Like the house, the landscaping also appears as layers growing along the ground and planted rooftop gardens.

The clients’ need for privacy without compromising connection resulted in this layered house plan, executed in two blocks – a two-storey volume housing the principal living area and master bedroom, and a single-storey space occupied by the entertainment areas.
The architects explain, “What links these two volumes together is the huge central courtyard at the entrance expressed in an austere geometry of granite floor and wall, an organically shaped oculus and a minimalist planting of six willowy trees. Like a sparse yet artful Chinese landscape painting, this sets the tone for the rest of the spaces.” This hidden lower-level deck area is flanked by an alfresco dining area and on the other side, a living space set behind a wall of glass.
The dining area offers shelter for all-weather eating and entertaining while maintaining its alfresco air.
Across the courtyard, this living area is flanked by two floor-to-ceiling glass walls that flood it with warm light and natural views. You quickly forget that you’re enclosed and underground.
Overhead, a deck stretches across the circular opening, overlooking the sunken courtyard below and the city skyline beyond. Just across the pool and grass-covered rooftop, the second volume peeks over the leafy landscaping.
Here’s the opposite view from across the way. A catwalk stretches across the pool, offering a short-cut from one volume to the other.
This open concept kitchen, dining and living area sits between two glass facades, with trees lining the windows to offer privacy and natural views.
As you pass through the house from room to room, you quickly discover that nature plays an integral part in this design, from its architecture and choice of materials, to the ever present vistas at every turn.
Wood floors and ceilings have a casual yet warm aesthetic that evokes the feeling of “home.”
This office area is as inspiring as it is inspired, with the same wood ceilings and floors running through it, abutting glass walls and outdoor views.
Even the bathroom features expansive glazing with lots of natural light flooding in. An exterior wall allows for privacy without blocking out the light pouring in from overhead.
The home’s signature courtyard carved into its depths also appears as smaller cut-outs throughout, adding another element of interest to this one-of-a-kind design.
The underground living area is a hidden treasure trove of earthy materials showcased in ultra modern patterns and textures, highlighted by thoughtful lighting.
By night, this unusual house is artfully illuminated to showcase its interesting architectural features, living spaces and landscaping.
Here are some floor plans of this complex design, starting with the ground floor:
Upper floor:
photo credit: Bryan van der Beek & Edward Hendricks


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