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Kitchen Faucet from Cisal – the Poker faucet

The Poker faucet is a kitchen faucet from Cisal that stretches the borders of design with its innovative and ingenious form. This kitchen faucet is an interactive piece of art; when closed it has an inconspicuous sculptural appeal. The Poker faucet, a chrome-plated brass piece, has a pleasing symmetry and deftness about it, due to the attention given to hidden details. When opened up to its full extended length, it can reach all surrounding work surfaces (no more wedging pots awkwardly under the faucet in order to fill them with water). This is due to the clever pivoting action that the swing-arm lamp technology contributes. On a further useful note, cloths and sponges can be left to dry on the extended tube. To make the Poker faucet an integral part of your kitchen, contact Cisal.



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