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Karim Rashid Bathroom Faucets from Cisal – Kawa collection

Cisal Kawa faucets by Karim Rashid
Cisal brings us these dynamic and highly unusual bathroom faucets, designed by Karim Rashid. The slim form of the Kawa bathroom faucet is likened to surf, or a wave, by half-Egyptian, half-British designer Rashid, in reference to the curving form which echoes the undulation of the ocean. The aesthetically minimal rounded form that results is both user-friendly and artful. The sparse forms of the faucet collection lend themselves to color finishes… you can choose monotone or two contrasting shades. The faucets are a natural focal point in the bathroom in clean, crisp white, imposing black, or in the vibrant hues of pink and green. Or for a more classic look, there are chrome and gold finishes available too. Contact Italian bathroom experts Cisal to add the striking Kawa range faucets to your home.
Karim Rashid Kawa wall-mount bassin faucet
Karim Rashid Kawa color faucets

Kawa wall-mount bassin faucet detail
Karim Rashid Kawa shower


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