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Kitchen Dining Area Design – modern with a view

We are admiring the soft, modern quality of this kitchen dining area design of a renovated Dublin cottage, which looks upon a wonderful view. This dining area is minimal, calm and extra warm due to the interesting color scheme. Light wood, gray and copper colors come together to create a relaxed, yet stylish ambiance. The green from the outdoors is a great contrast color to the orange-y of the inside. The kitchen area is framed by big folding doors which can be opened for a close connection to the outdoors – so that one may enjoy the view and some almost-al fresco dining as they please. The design is simple and we like the idea of the negative use of hardware in this case. It seems appropriate and clever. The lamps really are key for giving this space its style. See more of this home at Peter Legge Associates.
via: DesignBoom.
image credit: Peter Legge Assocites.



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