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Kids Bedroom from Di Liddo & Perego that will please both children AND grown-ups!

This chunky, cheerful kids bedroom is from Di Liddo & Perego. Fun and functional, there is lots of storage space in drawers, the wardrobe, and on shelves, so that the bedroom can be kept nice and tidy. But even with the toys away, the bedroom looks ready for some fun with its ‘building block’ theme of square boxes in vibrant hues. The bed is short, with a ‘Cubik’ bedhead to kept nighttime essentials close by. Upholstered poufs are practical and playful – great for when friends come over. But this kids bedroom also has a serious side… there is an ample desk for getting on with homework and other projects. Locating the desk next to the bookcase, the kids will have all they need to get things done (and have a good time) within one great space. Contact Di Liddo & Perego for more information.


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