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Kali’-Kolor tubs from Blu Bleu – choose your color!

Think about it – in this day and age of unparalleled choice why shouldn’t a tub be any shade you desire – such as the Kali’-Kolor tubs from Blu Bleu? Banish the boring hues of white and cream and bring one of the 192 different coloured bathtubs home… and with an additional choice of 5 different finishes there is bound to be a combination that embodies your style concept! Choosing from glossy, matt, metallic, satin and perlata finishes ensures your tub will be rare and individual – just one of the incredible 960 combinations available. The vibrant colour and finish is continued onto the unusual resin head rests which serve both as comfortable support and fashion elements. With removable panels, there are also four different shapes of the Kali’-Kolor tub: the Island, Peninsula, Corner and Niche. A modern digital control also ensures you can control options such as Air Jets, the Ozone Plant and Chrome Relax lighting with the touch of a button. Add a daring Kali’-Kolor tub from Blu Bleu to your bathroom as a vivid expression of your personality.
Kali’-Kolor tubs is a new addition to Kali’-Art bathtubs.


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